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The delights of NE France are less well known than other areas, but not less beguiling for that,- the exception being, of course, Paris. The delights of Paris are so well known they need little repetition. Beautiful Paris, the Paris of Chevalier’s springtime, the Paris of lovers walking hand in hand by the rolling Seine, the Paris of the Left Bank, of artists, bohemians and galleries, the Paris of soaring architecture.

As Nietzsche said "An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris." You can find holiday lets in central Paris, or you could take a self-catering gîte outside Paris, in the delightful suburbs, and travel in by train or metro each day.

Vacations in NE France

Of the hidden NE France there is much more to be said, this article can only touch on a few of the destinations on offer. With borders to Belgium and Germany, the culture is spiced with a piquant flavour of the neighbouring culture, creeping in to the architecture, speech, and local foods. Picardy and Pas de Calais have coasts and farmland, and Burgundy has wines and charming medieval fortified villages, each with their own castle. The regional park of the Morvan, with its beautiful hills, is also in Burgundy.

Alsace and Lorraine also have one of the regional parks, Les Ballons des Vosges. One of the 'ballons', Le Grand Ballon, is at 1400m the highest summit of this fantastic natural park, beloved by walkers. The North East of France is home to some of the most splendid architecture in France, particularly its Gothic cathedrals. Notre Dame Cathedral at Reims, in Champagne, is one that should not be missed, as is the cathedral of Strasbourg, which is the central feature of the old city, a world heritage site. What could be sweeter than to take a holiday let in this beautiful city, as a base for exploring the area? Only the rental of a self-catering cottage in the heart of the country, and allowing the peaceful harmony of the natural world to colour your holiday!

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