North West France

NW France consists of the departments of Brittany, Normandy; and Pays de la Loire and Centre. Brittany is probably the best known department, a favourite for holiday lets, where Northern Celts feel at home because the language and scenery are similar to their own beautiful regions. The coasts are of rare geological formation, rocky and interesting, and the interior is renowned for the megalithic culture. In summer the dance festivals are to the fore, with quaint costumes and a welcome for visitors who wish to try their compelling and unusual rhythms.

It’s a pity that Normandy is best known for it’s pivotal position in World War II, as there is so much more to see. The coast is less rugged than that of Brittany, there are many long sandy beaches, popular resorts of Parisians and British tourists for many years. The interior is mainly agricultural, the source of dairy products and apples for the speciality foods of the region. Particularly enchanting in this region is the architecture, the half-timbered houses and barns recalling a bygone age.

The Pays de la Loire, and Centre contain many of the famous chateaux of the Loire Valley, Normandy has the Bayeux tapestry, and Mont St Michel, Brittany the walled city of St Malo and the menhirs and dolmens of Carnac. Many famous artists worked in the area, and art galleries in the region attest to their skills. Being France, the food and drink are of prime importance. Calvados and cider predominate in the northern parts, but wine is made in the mainly agricultural areas of Centre. Other specialities are the crêpes or pancakes, and the delicious cheeses. Both in coastal and other areas there are many possibilities for holiday lets, gites, and other self-catering venues. Self-catering is the most popular choice for the region, allowing plenty of freedom for exploration of local attractions, and sampling local delicacies from local shops.

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