Franche-Comté Holiday Rentals France


To the east of France lies a region dominated by water and forests.  The Franche-Comté tells the story of secular development and the spirit of invention, which transformed it into a welcoming and industrious region.

Bell towers called "Comtois", farms with ‘tuyés’ (smokehouses), towns and cities with the designation ‘Cities of art and history’, châteaux, and cultural heritage in many forms conveys the history of the Franche-Comte.

The Franche-Comté, the most wooded region in France (42% of its land area, that is 705 000 hectares), has an abundance of fresh air.  In the Jura Mountains, and Vosges, there are many pine forests, as well as oak, and beech, and some of the pines can reach 40 metres! They are then called "pine presidents."

On the question of sports and activities in the Franche-Comte, the visitor is not left out: hiking, river boat holidays, air and water sports, fishing or even spas are among the many attractions of the region.