Auvergne Holiday Rentals France


Between the North and the South of France lies an upland region: it is the Auvergne with its volcanoes and deep lakes with crystal clear water. This region is distinguished by the quality of both its agricultural and industrial output. In the Auvergne, where cows outnumber people, the countryside is an essential resource.

The Auvergne occupies most of the Massif Central and groups together a superb array of French volcanoes.  There are more than 100 volcanoes in the Puys range in a thirty kilometre stretch. Mineral and thermal springs supply water filled with valuable trace elements and minerals due to the nature of the soil through which they pass.  Among the most famous resorts, Vichy, Royat, and La Bourboule were built directly around the springs.

In the Auvergne, the mountains are popular all year round. Three resorts await the winter sports enthusiasts. The Volcanoes Regional Park covering nearly 400,000 hectares allows you to discover the local wildlife: mountain sheep, chamois antelope, wild boars, deer, martens, owls .... and more than 2000 plant species. Vulcania, the European volcano centre opened its doors to the public in 2002.