Limousin Holiday Rentals France


Away from major traffic routes roads, Limousin spreads its undulating plateaux and hilly farmland between the Auvergne, Berry and Poitou. Its many fortresses illustrate its rich and ancient history. A centre of Romanesque art, and a centre of traditional industries such as porcelain, enamels, and glove-making, the region is now developing eco-tourism and cultural tourism.

In summer, the Limousin comes to life:  many old houses converted into second homes are occupied by urbanites in search of fresh air.  Moorland, gorges, forests, waterfalls and lakes are frequented by hikers.  Lovers of art and history stroll through the medieval streets of Collonges-la-Rouge or in the museums of Limoges and Aubusson.  The people of Limousin know how to seize the opportunities offered by tourism. They have developed lakes, rural holiday homes and campsites. They offer unique formulas: caravan tours with stops at a farm or introductory courses in local handicrafts.