Basse-Normandie Holiday Rentals France

 Lower Normandy

When we think of Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy), we think above all of its shores washed by the waves of the English Channel, which were the scene of the Allied landings in 1944: these beaches are now a memory trail, all along the Nacre coast.  On a different note, luxury resorts and beaches, with a reputation second to none, make up the "Côte Fleurie" Honfleur, Cabourg, and best known through its film festival, Deauville, with its boardwalks, its luxury hotels and casinos, and its more up market population.  Further west, the Cotentin peninsula and further inland is marked by the Normandy farmland and its half-timbered farmhouses, creating a pretty countryside, green and well maintained.  From this region come the specialties of Normandy, cider, calvados, camembert and tripe from Caen, the prefecture. Located in the heart of the plain of Normandy, this town has a memorial dedicated to the considerations of war and how to avoid it.  Finally, at the western end of the region, the spectacular Mont Saint-Michel and its bay continues to attract the crowds.